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Welcome in the Architectural Designs Collection.

Here more or less look-worthy matter I have produced since my pre-exam is being displayed. Choose a project out of a mosaic on the left, or click on an arrow to get to further designs.
Please note that only design projects are on display here; if you’re looking for architectural texts, etc., click here.

Most of the works on display were made in certain seminars. Explanatory notes describe both the tasks and the solutions found. But what are the settings of the seminars themselves?

When a term begins, every professor presents his task at a special lecture. These tasks may be very precise (“a hospital for X beds in Y”, medical profile firmly set, a land lot selected, technical details a must) or very vague (“transformation of Z”; you can be sure someone arrives with an idea nothing should be transformed at all).
Single houses can be a matter as well as building complexes and up to urban planning. Furtheron, there are some seminars where one isn’t explicitly asked to act as an architect, yet where one cannot success without — like Technical Infrastructure, where it is heating and ventilation calculations one is expected to deliver, yet to ventilate a room one has to design it first!
Up to 25 students take part in such a seminar — in the case they have had their luck in a kind of seat-dispersal lottery. Work includes archive research, collecting and inventing arguments for this or other solution etc. Teamwork is tolerable, yet not equally welcomed everywhere. One shouldn’t expect to have a professor teaching to things in his “very own manner”. In fact, some profs appear at the final presentation only.

Student competitions are a matter of their own. Sometimes a professor considers this year’s theme interesting enough to incorporate it in his task. Hebel and Eternit competitions are being officially held this way. Alternatively, a student himself can decide to compete somewhere and ask a professor to tutate him. This would be a case of a “free design seminar” then, something being offered on a regular basis, thus training for one’s diploma.
There, one is expected to invent a task by one’s own too.

I hope this short description would help you understand how the works on the left were created.
The collection spreads over more then one mosaic and includes

  • Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Berlin (Planwerk Innenstadt — Next Generation)
  • Rostock International Horticultural Exhibition
  • The Settlers-III
  • Courage for a Hole, Berlin
  • Berlin-Schlangenbader Str. Airport
  • City Planning over Gesundbrunnen, Berlin
  • Venice Architecture Library
  • Deutschburg International Airport
  • A Bridge to Virtuality (Baunetz Internet Prize)
  • Sodrovno-Voldachian Union Exhibition Pavilion (Winner of the Inter-Urban Exhibition)
  • Palace of Tears, Berlin (Velux Attic Award)
  • Arts Forum, Berlin (Schinkel Competition)
  • Exhibition stand (Baumeister Competition)
  • Diploma, a Line Completition 100 Years Behind the Schedule, see also a deducated page (German only)
  • A Land Frigate for William and Charles (Schinkel Competition)
  • New Clouds at Ryugyong, (Domus Competition)
  • Bering Strait Crossing, a Date Line Peace Park between Alaska and Chukotka