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Move on!

Greetings to the comrades-in-movement!
Like it or not, everyone participates in a movement. The difference is in how.
Looking back, I cannot help but call myself an urbanite, a big-city-dweller. Furtheron, neather in
St.-Petersburg, nor in Berlin have I ever thought of having a car. Why should I?— there is enough public transport available, and a cycle in reserve.

This page is deducated to my efforts in advocating in their favour. There’re some few remarcs on my Schwinn Classic Cruiser, pictures I’ve made for the St.Petersburg Tram Fund, and a story for the Berlin Radzeit cycling magazine. You’ll find some traces of that in the Architectural Collection too, particularly in the Ernst-Reuter-Platz and Arts Forum developments.
You can reach the Radzeit via the Links Collection.

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