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There’s a thoroughly planned chaos inside the Collections. It goes like this:

Velocipede Collection (wheel, photographic card’s back side, left)

Photo-graphica: (lens opening dial, photographic card’s back side, left) Ordus Collection:(СИН, photo back side, left) Hans Scharoun Collection: (dancing star, photo back side, left) Architectural Designs Collection: (compasses, photo back side, below) Obscure Continent Collection: (№176, photo back side, right) Links Collection (astrological clock, photo back side, right) ≈NEW≈

Jobs Collection (cogged wheel and computer, photo back side, right)

Architectural Texts Collection (white paper roll, photo back side, right)
  • Early 20th century power houses. pdf!
  • Learning from Ruins, a lecture at the Minsk SESAM. pdf!
  • History of East Prussian Urban Planning, reduced version pdf! Russian only! ≈NEU≈
  • Logotypes for the 2005 UIA Istanbul Convention
  • Letters on Berlin modern architecture:

  • №1: Ecology and power saving; glazed balconies, sun canopies and mirrors (Reichtsag), ventilation (GSW HQ at Kochstr.), water saving.
  • №2: Ecology on the Potsdamer Platz; ventilation in glass skyscrapers; double glazing; hi-tech.
  • №3: Mixing history and modernism together?; Zeughaus by I.M. Pei; St.Petersburg Mariinsky theatre; sports hall by Ballers in Charlottenburg; Berlin Wasser at Mühlendamm.
  • №4: Frank O. Gehry at Pariser Platz; Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum.
  • №5: Philosophy behind Gehry and Libeskind?; Sony: umbrella roof and the Esplanade; Back to 1920es?; St.Petersburg Mariinsky theater.
  • №6: Pariser Platz: the Dresdner Bank, the french embassy, and the Fine Arts Academy; democratic architecture.
  • №7: Big sculptures (Žižka in Prague, Motherland in Volgograd, Victory monument in Leningrad); Oblique Houses in Rummelsburg; GSW sail; Frank O. Gehry in Prague and the Schützenstraße (Aldo Rossi)— offices’ façades.
  • №8: Victory monument in Leningrad, Burnt Books Library at the Bebelplatz, Holocaust memorial in Vienna; Nordic embassies and the Baden-Württemberg representative; Berolina.
  • №9: Berlin Holocaust memorial: the New Guards, alternatives, Topography of Terror.
  • №10: Fine Arts Academy.
  • №11: Rebuilding the Berlin Royal Palace?
  • №12: The Federal Staple and the Federal Chancellor’s Offices, and their predecessors; formalistic approach on architecture.
  • №13: Zeughaus by I.M. Pei; restrained façades of Berlin; new squares on old layouts?
  • №14: Destinguishing a speaking façade from a babbling one; Energy Forum at the East Station.
  • №15: Jewish Ground School (Heinz Galinski School), Berlin-Grunewald.
  • №16: Dominique Perrault’s Olympic Velodrome and Swimming Stadium.
  • №17: Beauty for its own sake and — Mariinsky Theatre Competition in St.Petersburg.
  • №18: Shopping malls (Borsig Tower Halls by Claude Vasconi).
  • №19: Libeskind’s projects and the Alexanderplatz redevelopment.
  • №20: Tchoban’s Dom-Aquarée hotel.
  • №21: Hollywood-style Manhattan at the Potsdamer Platz (Beisheim Center).
  • №22: A sign for some technics, technis for usability. Axel Springer publishing, the Spreekarée.
  • №23: Berlinese Style moderne (Jugendstil, Art Nouveau).
  • №24: Topography of Terror. Building a memorial where Gestapo once sat.
  • №25: New Tempodrome versus the moscovite Transvaal baths.
  • №26: Anschutz on the East Station track fields.
  • №27: Philology Library in a pair of shacks (Berlin Free University).
  • №28: Berlin Station.
  • №29: Berlin Brandenburg International Aiport, in Schönefeld and beyond
  • №30: Hans Otto theatre, Potsdam, Tiefer See quay
  • №31: Ambassadorial Expo, on Saudi Arabian new embassy
  • Arts Critics’ Free Flight, Part I
  • Arts Critics’ Free Flight, Part II
  • Architectural Independence, a final part of the above
  • St.Petersburg controversies:

  • on Maritime Station
  • Kresty (Crosses) jail
  • Voting Architecture

Hope getting lost would still make you some fun.