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Welcome at the Job Collection!

Here you’ll find an (incomplete) list of my employers so far, as well as short reports on each of them. They can hardly be longer, as I mostly worked in groups, and was rarely at a descision-making position. Hence, the glory cannot be claimed…

Left and below you find the respective items.
There’s more then one mosaic in the collection!

  • Piechnik Architectural Services, Am Steinberg project
  • Kny+Weber Architects, Annenhöfe project, Reinhardtstr. project, competitions
  • ZID / TAD, Berlin Polytechnical AutoCAD Courses
  • BSM Consultancy, Marie-Curie-Allee project, regulatory plans
  • Pictorial Data Bank, university premises
  • Bauwerke, Humboldt University Library
  • Atelier 4d, Pearl City, China
  • Agentur Bahnstadt, station areas development plans
  • Eternit AG, Marketing and Technics Department
  • Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects