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A-Texts Collection

Pieces you’ll find here are, indeed, tightly connected with the Architectural Designs Collection, and would surely have deserved some room there, if only… If only they were housing designs, or something of this kind. In other words: buildings over there, critiques over here.
As the texts aren’t easily described with icons, the navigation is twofold below: you can reach all items eather by clicking on an icon in the left-hand mosaic, or via the explanatory notes (below).

  • A report on power houses (say: heating and electric supply houses)in the early 20th century architecture.
    This German-language pdf file opens in a new window.
  • Learning from Ruins, a lecture at the Minsk meeting of European architecture students (SESAM), May 2006.
    This German and Russian pdf file opens in a new window.
  • History of East Prussian Urban Planning, reduced version. A full version is due 2011 in the Kaliningrad Encyclopaedia.
    This Russian pdf file opens in a new window.
  • Logotypes for the 2005 Istanbul Convention of the UIA

Since early 2002, I’m exchanging letters on modern Berlin architecture mit Mr. Boris Kokotov. You may find some of the questions… amusing.

1st letter; 2nd letter; 3rd letter; 4th letter; 5th letter; 6th letter; 7th letter; 8th letter; 9th letter; 10th letter; 11th letter; 12th letter; 13th letter; 14th letter; 15th letter; 16th letter; 17th letter; 18th letter; 19th letter; 20th letter; 21st letter; 22nd letter; 23rd letter; 24th letter; 25th letter; 26th letter; 27th letter; 28th letter; 29th letter; 30th letter; 31th letter.

Arts Critics’ Free Flight, an article on the St.Petersburg Gasprom tower

St.Petersburg controversies:

You are most welcomed to participate!